Our Professional Services

DTS can provide the full array of therapy services and disciplines to build, replace, or supplement existing therapy teams. The needs of our clients are constantly evolving. For example, some of our clients have required DTS to build an entire therapy department from the ground up while others have needed only specific, additional therapy staffing to complete existing teams. Our physical, occupational and speech-language clinicians are available to service your clients throughout your service territory. Our team is trained to stay up to date on both Medicare and private insurance guidelines and regulations.  

Allow us to help streamline your business by eliminating the stress of recruiting, managing and supervising an entire therapy team. As as result, you will uncover more time to focus on important tasks like growing your business. 

We provide individualized solutions to solve any therapy need your business may have. Our team will partner with your existing management team to set goals and develop an action plan to achieve success. 

Consulting services are also available to problem solve through important therapy related deficiencies. Following recommended adjustments, your business with benefit from significantly improved work flow and utilization of your rehab team. 

Physical Therapy

Experts in the musculoskeletal system with emphasis on injury prevention and recovery

Speech Language Pathology

Specialize in the treatment of cognition, communication and swallowing disorders

Occupational Therapy

Support the reintegration of individuals in daily living skills and restore autonomy & independence

Therapy Consulting

Troubleshoot current therapy deficiencies to build modern solutions for the future

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Covid-19 Prepardness

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CDC Guidelines

Staying up to date on the latest CDC guidelines and recommendations to keep our staff and patients safe

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Covid Screening questions

Mandatory Covid-19 screening questions for clinicians and patients prior to any in person visits

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Mandatory masking

Mandatory mask policy during all patient interactions with emphasis on social distancing when appropriate

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Hand Hygiene

Emphasis on proper hand hygiene before and after any patient care to ensure safety in the workplace and home environement

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Daily temperature reporting

Recording daily temperatures from all clinicians prior to starting any patient care and screening for symptoms

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Patient Education

Educating patients and families each visit on Covid-19 precautions and prevention to ensure safe home environment

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Maintaining the health and safety of our clinicians and their patients is of the highest priority at DTS. Our team is consistently updated with the latest CDC guidelines to ensure compliance with best practice models and safety. We are collaborating with our partners to ensure the highest standards administered across the board. More information can be found on the Center for Disease Control website.