Surgery Center

DTS clinicians are available to perform on-site consultations for patients following orthopedic surgical procedures at your surgery center. Patients who undergo surgical operations with the goal of discharging home the same day require a thorough therapy evaluation to ensure they are safe to go home. Consultations usually consist of a general musculoskeletal and neurological assessment followed by a functional evaluation to ensure safety with ambulation, transfers and stairs. Patients also receive education on the use of assistive devices, pain management, and home safety to ensure a smooth transition home.

More and more patients are electing to have their orthopedic surgeries done in the outpatient setting to reduce their recovery time and expenses associated compared to a traditional inpatient hospitalization.  Studies have shown that patients who chose outpatient surgery do not have to sacrifice quality of care for cost savings. In addition, outpatient surgery provides more predictable scheduling, lower infection risk, and improved convenience & accessibility to the medical team. 

 Our team will work directly with the RN and MD team on staff at your surgery center to ensure your patients are quickly evaluated and educated on their discharge instructions.