Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy providers (PT) specialize in examination, evaluation, diagnosis and intervention targeting impairments associated with mobility, strength, functional ability and quality of life. Choosing a quality therapy provider is a critical decision in order to reduce pain and improve mobility quickly and safely. Effective physical therapy services are successful in reducing recovery times, avoiding surgical intervention, reducing healthcare costs and preventing future injuries. 

 Collaboration with Occupational Therapists is common among our team to improve patient outcomes and better address the needs of the whole person. 

physical therapy

Your treatment plan

 During your initial evaluation, our musculoskeletal experts will take a detailed history and perform a thorough examination to determine which areas will require physical therapy interventions. You will receive in depth education on the anatomical structures that will be involved and you will work with the therapists to develop a set of goals you would like to achieve.

What to expect

            • Education on your condition and instruction on how to reduce risk and prevent future injury
            • Pain management and instruction on use of modalities to reduce occurrence of pain
            • Exercises to improve range of mobility, flexibility and strength of your upper and lower body
            • Exercises to improve balance, coordination and endurance to reduce risk for falls
            • Personalized home exercise plan to continue independently

Who will benefit from physical therapy?

                • Acute and chronic pain
                • Muscle aches, pains, and strains
                • Arthritis
                • Hip and knee replacement
                • Frequent falls
                • Dizziness or vertigo 
    • Stroke, MS and Parkinson’s Disease
    • Sports or work injuries 
    • Overuse injuries
    • Deconditioning and lack of energy
    • Low back pain
    • Women’s health and pregnancy

Fall Prevention Program

Injuries related to falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and mortality in the senior population. According to the CDC, over 800,000 seniors are hospitalized each year with a fall related injury and over 95% of hip fractures are related to falls. Balance, strength and coordination are integral parts of our fall prevention program aimed at reducing an individual’s risk of sustaining a life threatening falls. Improvements in these areas have been shown to significantly decrease our patients risk of falling and allow them to confidently return to a normal routine. 

fall prevention


We frequently utilize resources from the American Physical Therapy Association to improve our practice and stay in the loop with current news & peer reviewed education material.