Home Health Care

The home health care team at DTS is able to assist our clients in a variety of capacities. We currently have over 40 clinicians including: PT, PTA, OT, OTA and ST clinicians specializing in the home health environment. Whether your business is looking to build a new therapy team or supplement an existing framework, we can assist in providing the resources and knowledge required to be success in the fast changing world of home health care. 

Full Service Therapy Department

  • Recruit, train and manage PT, OT and ST disciplines to service your entire coverage territory
  • Manage clinician credentials to ensure up to date compliance
  • Receive and process referrals and assign appropriate staff as needed
  •  Perform chart audits and run compliance on visit frequencies and timely initiation of care
  • Track and perform supervisory visits for PTA visits
  •  Provide staff training on Medicare changes and PDGM updates

Supplemental Therapy Resources

  • Work with established management, RN and therapy team to fill in seamlessly within existing framework
  • Provided trained clinicians to areas of need to allow greater depth and coverage to grow existing territory
  • Grow patient census by increasing your ability to staff PT, OT and ST and avoid turning down referrals due to lack of staff
  • Perform compliance to ensure frequencies are met and evaluations are done within 48 hours of referral 
  • PT’s trained on SOC OASIS documentation
  • Improve STAR ratings and patient satisfaction surveys


Our clinicians are trained and specialized to service both Medicare and Private insurance clients in the home health setting, adhering to all state and federal guidelines of care. We place a fundamental importance on proper bag technique, hand hygiene and interdisciplinary communication to ensure patient safety and ensure the continuity of care. We are closely monitoring CDC guidelines in regard to Covid-19 and are updating our team as necessary. Please refer to the following link for our latest  Covid-19 protocol. 

Our PT’s, OT’s and ST’s are all trained on OASIS documentation to ensure appropriate scoring at SOC and Discharge to show progress throughout the episode of care. 

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