Clinical Settings

  • Contract therapy team trained on Medicare and state guidelines
  • PT, OT and ST disciplines providing care in private residences
  • Collaboration with referring agency, nurses, and marketers
  • Care provided in skilled, assisted or independent living communities
  • Collaboration with on site nursing and physician teams
  • Clinician lead in services and marketing events within facility
therapy settings
  • Therapy consultations to patients status post operation
  • Safety evaluations to determine appropriate discharge plans
  • Assistive device training and modifications
  • Care provided in private residence or business
  • One on one treatments for 45 minutes
  • Individualized goals to target specific impairments or limitations
therapy settings

Our clinicians bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from a variety of different therapy settings. We feel a well balanced clinician with a solid understanding of patient challenges from the various therapy settings able capable of quickly adapting in order to address any patient need. With over 513,000 therapy clinicians in the United States, our clients know that DTS provides the most well rounded staff in the industry.