Concierge Physical Therapy

private physical therapy
private physical therapy

DTS provides private Physical Therapy services to clients in their homes on an out of pocket basis. Our concierge therapy service allows us to provide additional resources to patients or individuals as we bring the clinic directly to them either at home or work without the limitations of insurance. Whether you are looking to improve your own ability or the ability of a family member, we will work with you to create goals and set realistic target dates to achieve those goals. 

Rehabilitation– Therapy treatment following injury or accident including but not limited to pain management, strengthening, range of motion, balance training and massage.

Maintenance/Wellness– Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and regular fitness sessions. Private therapy sessions are personally tailored to achieve individual fitness goals, prevent injury and increase overall health.  Our wellness and maintenance programs are perfect for those individuals who wish to maintain or surpass initial gains from therapy on a year round basis.

Fall Prevention and Vestibular Rehab- Injuries resulting from a fall are one of the largest mortality risks in the senior population. We utilize various vestibular, somatosensory and repositioning interventions to address multiple “fall risk” diagnoses. Our therapist also perform home safety evaluations to identify risk factors and target potential hazards before they happen. 

Workplace Environment– Our therapists can perform on site evaluations for individuals and provide treatment for work or non-work related injuries.  We can also provide instruction on injury prevention and provide training on work related safety.

Sport Assessment– Comprehensive biomechanical analysis designed to prevent injury & optimize recovery to enhance physical performance. We utilize various methods including Functional Movement Screens, flexibility and posture analysis and strength and flexibility assessments to identify deficits which can be targeted through guided manual and physical intervention.

Benefits of Concierge physical therapy

  • Priority scheduling around work and family schedules
  • No visit restrictions
  • No insurance regulations or interference 
  • Standard rate with no confusing co-pays or fees
  • One-on-one therapist attention
  • Hands on approach each session
  • Personalized goals and exercise interventions 
  • Complete control over your therapy to achieve your goals