Physical Therapy: parallel bars

Our Physical Therapists (PT) specialize in examination, evaluation, diagnosis and intervention targeting impairments associated with mobility, strength, functional ability and quality of life. We utilize only the highest levels of evidence based practices to provide patient centered care to optimize the quality of life of both our patients and their caregivers. PTs incorporate treatment strategies such as therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, balance and mobility training to achieve each client’s personal goals.

Occupational Therapy:theraband

Our Occupational Therapists (OT) specialize in providing a holistic approach to help each client achieve and maintain independence performing skills required during daily living. These skills commonly include dressing, feeding, bathing, self care, work function and social participation. OTs are professionals in managing and adapting your home to provide a functional environment while also recommending different adaptive equipment to accomplish your daily needs.

Speech-Language Pathology:speech

Our Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) specialize in evaluation and treatment of a variety of conditions including communication disorders, swallowing difficulties and cognition deficits. The SLP will provide education and intervention to facilitate health lifestyle practices in order to promote full participation in household and community activities.